What we believe

We believe that we are broken people who are part of a world that was once perfect but is now broken. The good news is that God came in the person of Jesus to our broken world to make it perfect again. The eyewitness testimony we have about Jesus shows us that he had supernatural power over the nature, sickness, supernatural evil, and even death. Even though Jesus lived the perfect life, he died the death of a criminal, and incredibly rose back to life.

The bible is the primary way God speaks to us today, and it clearly tells us that we are all in need of a restored relationship with God. This restored relationship is offered to everyone through Jesus life, death and resurrection. For everyone who accepts this offer there is the promise of life to the full that starts now and continues into eternity. This is why Jesus came. This is why the church exists. This is why we long for everyone to hear and respond to the life-transforming good news (Gospel) about Jesus.


Who we are

Levin Baptist Church is a community of ordinary people in the process of being transformed by the good news about Jesus. As we do life together, as we listen to the bible together, as God’s Spirit works in us we are growing to be like Jesus. We love Levin and long to see the difference that the Gospel can make here.

Levin Baptist Church is a great place for you to consider Jesus, and what it would mean to follow Him.


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Levin Baptist Church is part of the Baptist Churches of New Zealand